Posh tea 2019

Posh tea 2019

Another year has passed by a and so we found ourselves organising our Posh tea for another 80 people – not an easy task. Tickets  to this years event sold out in just 3 weeks – whilst still hot  off the press! and  no  advertising,  I dropped round about 20 flyers and emailed previous  customers and that  was it all tickets  gone. Thankfully we had a fantastic group of people beavering away  in the background- Squirrel organised the raffle supported by Lemming, Puffin and  Rima,  these prizes were then beautifully presented  by Aines mum. Alex and Lemmings mum  made not only the slow roasted chicken  sandwiches (thank you to Lori Everrett for the four chickens) but also a couple of vegetarian options and organised the bread. Sophia’s mum bravely took on the challenge of scone baking and an apprehensive Snowdrop the chocolate brownies, this is a very unusual recipe containing very little flour hence the apprehension. A fantastic work colleague of mine for the third year running mustered up the lemon drizzle cakes which was a real achievement as she was unwell . Scarlett’s mum  between acting as a taxi driver  to  her three daughters many and varied activities squeezed in making a job lot of free range egg  mayonnaise sandwiches. Rima created meringues artistically decorated with blueberries, strawberries  and raspberries….but the biggest challenge award goes to Romany’s mum who together with 6 loaves of bread took delivery of an enormous frozen salmon (head, tail, fins ‘n all!) unbeknown to me  she  was a vegetarian for 20 years so appreciated the fish as much as I: another vegetarian (i.e not at all!!!!)still she persevered and produced apparently delicious sandwiches. On Thursday evening Sophia’s dad dutifully came  to collect  5 tables  from St Laurence and put in his vehicle whilst we cleared up from the Guide meeting, all went well until it became clear the tables were about 2 inches too long meaning we had to rethink our plans.  Everything then came out of Foxi’s car (quite  a large job) accumulated in the car park before being placed  on top of the tables and a new arrangement for  Sophia’s dad and I to meet at Tigers Lair 3pm  the following day –  I don’t think Sophia’s dad  realised the quantity of items required  for such an  event. On the Friday whilst producing boxes of cafetiers,  teapots, saucers,  cups etc.etc. the monotony was broken intermittently with  “is that it now?” from  Sophia’s dad,  he  took it in his  stride until 2 boxes from the end he added to his usual  question ” I don’t wish to alarm you but there isn’t much more room” we did just manage to squeeze the last two boxes in before setting off our separate ways & I realise it had taken us just 23 minutes . Normally I do the job alone & it takes over an hour.  I was well pleased

Saturday started bright  and  early with the collection and  deposits of bread – so early one poor family were  still fast asleep (sorry for waking you  I won’t mention who it was!) time flew by and before I knew it ,  it was 12.15 and time to leave in a very well loaded car smelling of freshly made chocolate brownies and lemon drizzle cake.  A couple of Guides and their parents were already at the barn and others arrived at the same time as me, all clutching a t-towel, vase of flowers and a milk jug. The parents and girls did a super speedy unloading of the car (thank you to all helpers that joined in with this) Our first conundrum of the day was having been told there were 14 small tables and  3 large we set off in search of them, the 14 small ones were easy to spot but there were no large tables to see…anywhere, in the end we did some rapid rejigging and made do with what we had. The Guides were all fantastic, all 13 of them, they busily put tablecloths out, laid tables, and folded serviettes. Whilst this hive of activity was going on Granddad arrived  with his ladder and set to work  on putting up the bunting.  Ali from  Funky Chutney appeared and headed straight into the kitchen with her apron,  chopping boards and other paraphernalia.  Then when searching for something I entered the kitchen to find  a  newly formed lagoon with a feature waterfall coming from the dishwasher and Ali busy in her work was unaware of being cut off by the increasing water levels. A large beach towel quickly made the area safe  again and removing  the sink  plug from the dishwasher filter hole  meant the water quickly drained away and off I pottered still on the search for whatever it was I had been looking for. At 2.30pm everything started to happen: sandwiches appeared, Fiona and John Regan came to help with washing up as did  Jo Tuck in charge of the urn./teas/coffees, Bob Cunnington the pianist and  Emma,  Janet and Sally the viol players. Whilst  Squirrel  was doing the final bits for the raffle Bob Smytherman  the town crier came  for his  instructions, there was just time  for a  few minutes  sit down to eat our snacks (or lunch in Squirrels and my case)   and also go through the “do’s and don’ts” of  waitressing, we did this in  the beautiful sunny courtyard. Some  of the girls  were feeling quite nervous by this stage  and Bob was great  at geeing them all up. 3pm  prompt (Grandad had only just disappeared  with his ladder!) Bob rang his bell, the Guides were all in a line to greet their guests, Bob the pianist doing his bit, whilst Squirrel and I had the job of frantically scanning the seating plan and  directing the relevant waitress to their guests as fast as we could. The atmosphere  was lovely, lots of chatter and smiles, this  was soon joined by the beautiful viols playing in the background, Teas and coffees were  served, followed by the sandwiches at 4pm, these  were very kindly sponsored by Russell Marlow painting & decorating and Goring Physio. At 4.30 out came the cakes served on tiered cake stands then 2 of our Guides Rachana and Scarlett chose to stand in front of all  our guests to make  their Guide  promises, I was so proud of them  both, it was even more special as neither of the girls had been a Rainbow or Brownie before.  We also celebrated two of our guests 56th wedding anniversary and were serenaded to by Bob the pianist. However behind  the scenes in the kitchen the scones were presenting a bit  of a problem:  20 were missing  so whilst frantic searches were being made the raffle was drawn, one guest was a bit bemused as she won a scented candle that she had donated! Once the scones were handed out our guests stayed for a bit of a chat before heading home, leaving us to rapidly clear up. All the girls: Asha, Chloe, Ella, Emmy-Lou, Grace, Hollie, Jena, Maisie, Rachana, Romany, Scarlett, Sophia and Tilly, did brilliantly,  we are so proud of you…and as for the scones, they didn’t appear until long after the guests had left but are now safely in the freezer for another time. Thank you to every one who I haven’t had the opportunity to mention


PS Message to  Romany’s mum – I promise  to never give you a frozen whole fish ever again!

Message to Sophia’s dad thanks for all the heavy duty lifting :o)


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  1. Really enjoyed the tea yesterday and will definitely be buying tickets for the rest of the family next year. It was so lovely and I had a wonderful time. X

  2. Thank you Tiger and all the guides for all you’re hard work and a fantastic afternoon my friends and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and were full to bursting with all the delicious food. Looking forward to next year already. A special mention to Scarlett who was our waitress and was an absolute delight!!

  3. Yet again a well organised and brilliant afternoon. Our table really enjoyed the tasty sandwiches and delicious cakes. Well done to Sophia and all the other guides for waiting on us and looking after us so we’ll. We couldn’t have asked for better service. The venue and atmosphere is spot on! Perfect day, wouldn’t change a thing.

  4. What an amazing afternoon. Yet again this year 4th Goring Guides pulled out all the stops and served a scrummy tea. Thank you to everyone. Definitely an annual event not to be missed.

  5. I brought my friend to the Posh Tea as a birthday treat, and what a treat it was! The sandwiches were so fresh and delicious, then along came the exquisite cakes. By the time the scones arrived we could barely eat another thing! Our waitress Maisie was delightful, and did her job perfectly and it was very special to be part of the new guides Promise ceremony. It was a very very pleasant afternoon, spent in lovely company, with gentle music playing in the background. Thank you so much for all your hard work putting this on, it really is a remarkable achievement and made a lovely memory for us. Lindy and Amanda

  6. Helping out at Posh Tea was amazingly fun. I had two tables to manage and both tables were a pleasure to serve. All of the girls and adults did an amazing job. Thank you to all the guests that came. But a big big thank you to tiger , who put Posh Tea together. We could not of done it with out her! So thank you tiger. 😄

  7. Thank you to the 4th Goring Guides for inviting me along to celebrate another ‘Posh Tea’ which is always a highlight of the Town Crier diary. The tea was outstandingly prepared and served by our waitress Ella who was diligent to our every need.
    I very much look forward to joining you for the next one!

  8. What a wonderful atmosphere at this year’s Posh Tea. It is an amazing annual fundraising event with so much hard work and dedication by everyone involved. Both myself and my family guests were so impressed with the whole event being made even more special by Sophia who looked after us so well and Rachane and Scarlett making their Promise during the afternoon . Thank you Tiger and your wonderful Guides.

  9. What a lovely way to spend the afternoon… eating scrumptious food, sipping tea and being entertained with wonderful music. Tiger and her team of Guides delivered a memorable experience that I would certainly like to attend again. Well Done everyone for all your hard work!

  10. Thanks to every one who made this such a special afternoon. I’ll definitely be back next year.

  11. I had a wonderful time at the Posh tea led by 4th Goring Guides, an afternoon of glorious food, drink and company not to mention background music and raffle. The guides looked so smart in their outfits and Chloe our waitress was cheerful and attentive throughout, keeping our teapot topped up with hot tea.

    The sandwiches were amazing, my favourite was the salmon and the cakes were beautiful too. I would like to reserve a ticket for next year please.

    Thank you for all of your hard work, so much goes into organising an event like this and it was very much appreciated.

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