Mayors tea 2019

Mayors tea 2019

The Mayors tea is an event we hold each year where the past and present Mayors come for afternoon tea and we usually raise money for our Guide group but this year we raised money for Miss Faustina’s Childrens home in St Lucia – a place Tiger visited with seven girls from 4th Goring Guides in 2010 (click here to see more about their trip 
We arrived at 1.30pm and began setting up the hall by getting the tables, chairs, cutlery and folded the serviettes. There seemed a lot more time to do this, this year but there were 8 Guides, Snowdrop, Alex’s mum and Tiger so more than before and all of us Guides had done waitressing at least once before. This year everyone that turned up wore a hat, there was a real selection: witch, cowboy, policeman, a fez, straw and some fascinators too. 

Tiger allocated us a table which we would be serving. As there were only 6 tables Aine and Laura helped in the kitchen cutting fruit, laying out cakes and washing up.

The sandwiches were chicken with sundried tomatoes and hoummos with roasted vegetables that Alex’s mum made as well as  free range egg mayonaise. Cakes were next : chocolate Brownies that Laura made, lemon drizzle that Hollie made, Meringues that Freya made. After a bit of a break Tiger gave a talk about Miss Fautinas home and the person in charge Myola, to her great surprise a red hat was passed around and £115 was put in it by everyone. Tiger was ever so surprised and couldn’t wait to tell Mayola. We then served up scones which Sophia made and strawberry jam that was made by Freya and one of the Mayors.

During the whole time Bob was playing the piano…he played lots and lots of music and only stopped for a raffle when lots of us won prizes, Asha won a cheese and home made chutney, Hollie and Ella won chocolates, Sophia won a bowl with lots of cooking things in and Tiger won a note book. We loved our gifts especially as we didn’t expect them (this is the first tie they have held a raffle)


Once all our guests had gone we cleared up, the bunting was very challenging and took nearly all of us to fold away again. Then the favorite part of the day for us! We sat down to our very own tea party tasting all the different sandwiches, cakes and scones with a mug of tea and coffee. We finished at 6.10pm leaving us enough time to chat before our parents turned up.

By Freya, Aine, Scarlett, Sophia, Laura and Tiger

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