At the end of the Guide Meeting we sing a tradition Guide song, called Taps. The words to Taps are: Day is done, Gone the sunFrom the sea, from the…

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Hi, we're the Forget-Me-Nots! There are seven of us in our Patrol, our Patrol was first opened on the 15th May 1986. We have recently completed our Express yourself Unit…

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Camp cooking at home

Try some cooking how we do when camping! Try making a tasty camp snack but make sure an adult knows you are about to do this activity! You will need:…

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Hello and welcome to the Bluebell Patrol. In our Patrol there are eight members, 0ur Patrol is the newest, it opened on the 10th of January 2002. We have one…

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4th Goring Guidelines

Treat others as we would want to be treated Treat everyone with respect and listen to their opinions and beliefs We voted not to chew gum at Guide Meetings We…

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The Guide Laws

A Guide is honest, reliable, and can be trusted A Guide is helpful and uses her time and abilities wisely A Guide faces challenges and learns from her experiences A…

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History to present day

4th Goring Guides - Then 4th Goring Guides originally started on the 4th March 1959 with meetings held at West Park school on Tuesday evenings, under the name of 15th…

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