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Hello and welcome! For those of you not yet Guides, come and join us in the largest organisation in the world that is just for girls. It’s fun and adventurous, you also get to learn loads of new things. It’s a time, where daily pressures can be put aside and girls can focus on being girls! Existing Guides and parents should log in to view our events calendar and other exclusive content.

Girlguiding at St Laurence

When a Guide first starts with us she has some challenges to complete, such as learning to light a fire (very handy when you go camping!) and make a woggle in her Patrol colour. When she has completed these challenges, she goes on to make her Promise. She will also need to know her Laws.

Our Uniform

A Guide wears a uniform and each Guide Unit has a different neckerchief; ours is sky blue.

4th Goring Guides has some Unit Guidelines, which are made and kept by the Guides. A new Guide also joins one of the Patrols, which is a group of four to eight Guides. Each Patrol has a Patrol Leader (or PL) who is chosen by the Patrol, and a Patrol Second (or PS) who is chosen by the Patrol Leader, to help her organise the activities the Patrol want to do.

Badges can be earned at home, and each Patrol works on Unit meeting activities each term.

At the end of most Guide Meetings we sing Taps.

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Visit the Girl Guiding UK website

Visit the Girl Guiding Sussex West website

If you have any questions about 4th Goring Guides, or if you would like to join our waiting list, simply send an email to the Guider listed in our contact section. We welcome any feedback.


This is what some of our Guides and parents have to say about Guiding at 4th Goring:

I love going to Guides because you do lots of activities, there's something for everyone and even if you don't like something there's always something else to do.
Guide (aged 10)
I think the best thing about Guides is having fun, I also love going on camp and doing anything in the out of doors - I often don't want to go home!
Guide (aged 13)
Guiding has taught me many life skills as well as giving me loads of new experiences and meeting new friends. Guiding has made me more confident.
Young Leader (aged 15)
I enjoy meeting new people at Guides, being chosen by region to go to abroad with Guides and the bivvy night were experiences so different to anything I have ever done before, I feel it has helped me grow as a person.
Young Leader (aged 17)
It has given excellent opportunities to both my girls, increased their independence, confidence and made them both more self sufficient and responsible.
Mrs Ashton
Parent (aged >21)
I feel that the Guides have enabled both my daughters to be self sufficient, capable, confident and more willing "to have a go" without hesitation, it has helped them find their assets, my younger daughter is now an experienced leader which I don't think she would have been, they have also had so many opportunities from glass painting to wiring plugs.
Mrs Jupp
Parent (also over 21)

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